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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Icarus Girl - Gadis Icarus


Title : The Icarus Girl - Gadis Icarus
Author: Helen Oyeyemi.
Publisher: Gramedia

This book told about Jessamy Harrison is a young lonely girl. She is eight years old. As a child half-bred of English-Nigeria, Jess always feel alone, wherever located. Other children fear of her because she loves yell bloody murder without cause. Jess by her mother was brought to Nigeria, to change atmosphere.
There Jess first met Titiola, a same age little girl that appears from a empty dormant houset.
- Titiola know everything.
- Titiola not need to open and close the door to exit-entry.
- She can appear anywhere, anytime.
- Titiola very understanding of Jess and want to be friends.
- Tilly-Tilly, for she so-called Jess.
- They are familiar. Jess happy to be friends of Tilly-Tilly.
- But Tilly-Tilly willed himself to Jess.
- May not allowed to have another person to Jess.
- Jess is her own.


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