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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hypnosis in Selling


Title: Hypnosis in Selling
Author: Johannes Lim
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Selling In hypnosis really great and very effective way to influence emotions and behavior of prospects so can easily believe and buy. Satisfied or not you are on the selling skills you have take in hand , the techniques in this book will be highly inflated your effectiveness as a Sales Person. Materials and methods contained in this book have been tested through public workshops as much as 37 armed and tens of inhouse seminars. Thousands of people have experienced and felt virulence.

John Lim is a first Doctor of Business and only one in Indonesia, which combine two different disciplines into an extraordinary synergy, ie, Fast Track Selling Technique (a sales technique that could shut eight of every 10 sales transactions interview) and Hypnosis (a technique suggestive persuasion that has been used by doctors since the 16th century, to help the patient, before anesthesia preparations was found).

Friday, May 28, 2010

Step by Step Internet Marketing


Title: Step by Step Internet Marketing
Author: Andy Shera
Publisher: Elex Media

Many who have heard about internet marketing. But not a bit too hesitant, if it was true only from the internet we can earn enough income. The answer is CAN. Because it has proved very much the number of internet users to hundreds of millions of people in Indonesia, even in the whole world, and the numbers grew even more continue to grow from year to year.

Internet marketing is easy, provided you are not wrong to take steps. Each step has its own methods. From the first steps as a beginner to step up when it was advanced. In addition, it required tools that can help your internet marketing easier. In this book, you will find also a variety of tips that will help in recognizing and understanding how internet marketing really works, cause and effect and logical explanation that makes sense is not confusing. So, you know what to do and what to avoid, you know why it succeeded and why it did not work.

Everything is studied, summarized, aggregated and taken directly from the experiences of fellow writers and other internet marketers. The discussion in the book include: The easy way to create ebook, How to create a website with ease, Discussion on how you get paid via the Internet, How to use Google, Youtube, Facebook and others, Tricks to make your Paypal account verified, Discussion of digital currencies E-gold, Liberty Reserve, C-gold and the Internet as a medium of exchange, Effective and easy steps to get more visitors to your website, Tips for avoiding scams on the Internet, How to sell on Clickbank and PayDotCom, Discussion of SEO or search engine optimization.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reinventing Your Life


Title: Reinventing Your Life
Authour: Jeffrey E. Young, Ph. D
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Are you ....?
+ Put the needs of others so you need never met?
+ Fear and feel threatened will be abandoned by those you love?
+ Frequently worried about the occurrence of natural disasters, loss of money, illness, or accident?
+ Fixed unhappy or not satisfied even if you are already successful?
+ Frequently run from the problem, give up on something or a situation?
+ Tend not to trust anyone else at all?

Every human being must be unique, as well as handling the problems they face. As a therapist, Jeffrey and Janet has studied and tried various therapeutic techniques to help their clients out of the "vicious circle" of torture of their lives. That experience ultimately makes them find a breakthrough program that can help cure clients with faster and more effectively. New techniques which they found very powerful for bringing about change in oneself. In this book, they will discuss ways to overcome the chronic patterns of eleven damaging someone's personality, which they call “Lifetrap”.

In this book, Reinventing Your Life, you will learn techniques for:
+ Creating an environment that is more positive and productive
+ Develop better relationships and fun
+ Make your life more energetic everyday
+ Freeing yourself from anxiety, fear, and panic
+ Breaking the shackles of bad behavior and adverse
+ Overcoming insecurity and rejection
+ Always feel confident and capable of doing things
+ Life is more independent and full of joy

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