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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prahara Century : Destruction Prognosis of World 21st Economic.


Title : Prahara Century :  Destruction Prognosis of World 21st Economic.
Author : Alan Greenspan
Publisher : Gramedia

Prahara Century is a unbeatable story of Alan Greenspan about the nature of this new world, which was delivered through his working experiences and his influence which larger than any other human beings. He began with a story about the morning of September 11, but then jump back to his childhood and the journey of his extraordinary life for more than eight years when he served as head of the Federal Reserve Board, from 1987 until 2006, a which contains the large-scale changes.
Alan Greenspan told of story of his life in the first to appreciate the history that a large number of natural and he has form. But the other purpose is guiding the reader along the kurva learning that he study, so readers can gain an understanding of itself does on the various dynamics of the basic events of the world. In the second section of this book, after bringing us to the present time, and equip us with the conceptual tools to follow him, Greenspan start stunning a discussion about the global economy.
He disclose about the universal economic growth facts, deep into the facts of each specific country and major world region, and to explain where the globalization trend towards. As wisdom and insight of a lifetime beging conclusion into an elegant statement of the form a clear view of the world, Prahara Century will appear as a personal and intellectual heritage of Alan Greenspan.


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