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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There Is More To The Secret


Title : There Is More To The Secret
Author : Ed Gungor
Publisher : Abiyah Pratama

Could we believe in the same time in God and also in the Law of Attraction? Or this is not just a kind of purely "strength of mind" of New Age?
If Law of Attraction is working, why it is not exist in Scripture - or do they exist?
This such questions being asked by many people in the world after they read the Bestseller book, THE SECRET. According to the Law of Attraction, you can have anything you desire, if your mind is trained constantly and attract all things  to you.
Through the very deep research, Ed Gungor investigate all this, and provides  more Complete and Accurate about the strength of mind by applying the God's law. This book is not written to attack THE SECRET, but it's only to test whether what have been written by the author of The Secret is misguided advice or not, because the book of The Secret talk a lot of about the whole-hearted people who dig this ancient practice. Some view the author will surprise you. More over there a lot of story that must be relate.


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