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Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy

Title: Blue Ocean Strategy
Author: W Chang Kim & Renee Mauborgne
Publisher: Serambi

If you're satisfied with the condition of your business that can be simply to survive, do not read books. However, if you want to make changes, create a future profitable company for your customers, employees, shareholders and communities, read this book.
Since first, companies involved in the direct-competition with one another in order to pursue growth and the eternal. They fight for competitive advantages, market share fight, and fight to create differentiation. In fact, in industries that the compact today, to compete directly only result the ocean red, bloody seizure of the blood-rival on the pool of profits shrink.
This book with change framework challenging a big and small companies, beginners and above board, public and private, high and low for out of the status quo, create a strategy that bright future, and implement  avoid themselves from competition with low cost. It emphasized the creation of space that there is no market competitors, focus on the growing demand and sheer off from the competition, as well as the effort to maximize the oppotunities and minimizing minimizing the risk.
With overturn the traditional thinking about strategy, Kim and Mauborgne have to map out a new path and dare to win the future. They offer six principles that can be used by any company to formulate and implement blue ocean strategy successfully. The six principles show how to reconstruct the borders of the market, focus on the big picture, which have exceeded the demand, a series of strategies designed correctly, overcoming obstacles, organizational obstacles, and to integrate execution in the strategy.


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