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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Angles and Demons

Angels and Demons

Title: Angels and Demons
Author : Dan Brown
Publisher: Serambi

Robert Langdon, the famous Harvard simbologis, never thought that one day in his life will be filled by too many surprises. If he only see the ambigram that reads the name of fraternity Illuminati, probably is not a major problem. But view it stamp in the chest of five men killed on the same day?
Long before the Da Vinci Code, Robert Langdon prompted by a research institution in Switzerland to analyze the symbol of the puzzles in stamp in the chest of a physicist who died killed. What really finding beyond a doubt: revenge of the death of the Catholic Church from an ancient brotherhood that has been ongoing for centuries-Illuminati. Pushed to save the Vatican from the time bomb with high explovise, Langdon troops to help guard the most loyal in the world along with a beautiful and mysterious scientist called Vittoria Vetra. Together, they start hunting the creepy rooms to the locked underground parking, the dangerous graves, the quiet cathedrals, and the most mysterious places in the world ... the forgotten Illuminati headquarters.
Written with a humorous style, but smart, Dan Brown takes us on a journet to oldest cultural center in Europe, Rome. Our understanding was shocked with the disclosure secret behind many historical places and works of art that is popular there. With the circle plot of the story and a fast flow, Brown once again successfully "punish" us with a novel which so difficult to stop when we start reading it!


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