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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mind Set : Winning Strategy for Winning People

Mind Set

Title: Mind Set : Winning Strategy for Winning People
Author: J.I Michell Suharli
Publisher: Gramedia

This book shows the 10 secret strategies of those who achieved success. They have certain ways and tricks that we can follow and apply to speed our journey to success.
Michell begin his writings with strategy overcame the change, namely to be the change itself, not the spectators especially be a hater of changes. This book is designed to inspire and encourage the readers to make changes in their lives to a better way. "Change or Die," if you do not change, you will be extinct crushed by your environment that changes quickly.
To make changes, you must have a second strategy, which is ideal. Without a dream, your life will be flat and boring. Dreams have tremendous power to change your life, people around you, your environment, even the world. This strategy is followed by a series of strategies that complement each other so that bringing near to  you.


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