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Friday, January 29, 2010

Atlantis : The Lost Continent Finally Found


Title: Atlantis : The Lost Continent Finally Found
Author: Prof. Arysio Santos
Publisher: Ufuk Press

Atlantis was in the tropics on the Pleistocene ice age, abundant of natural resources, such as tin, copper, zinc, silver, gold, assorted fruits, rice, spices, huge elephant, the forest with many kinds of trees, rivers, lakes , and irrigation channels. ---- Plato (Greek philosopher's Largest) & Prof. Arysio Santos, Ph.D.

Ever occurred in your mind that you live in the country today is very maybe once a world empire that became the source of all great civilizations: Atlantis? Heaven which is mentioned by the Holy Tradition of the world? After doing research for 30 years and found the evidence convincing, Prof.. Arysio Santos, Ph.D. ensure to the world that the site of Atlantis is Indonesia. The characteristics of Atlantis which Plato noted in the two dialogues Timaeus and Critias titled, surprisingly, well suited to Indonesia's geographical conditions.

Atlantis is a tropical country abundant mineral and biological wealth. But then, all the luxuries were gone, swept away enormous disaster that separates Java from Sumatra, drowning more than half of the Nusantara region. Krakatau Volcano become a source of global disaster is (estimated to have occurred 11,600 years ago). When Krakatao Volcano erupted, causing a series of earthquakes and tsunami mahadahsyat, a hundred times larger than the disaster in Aceh in 2004, which at its height the Ice Age ended. Some scriptures mention that the disaster as the Flood Universe.  Prof. Santos also reveals the fact that:

Atlantis is the place of science and discovery of the first humans appeared (farming culture, language, metallurgy, astronomy, art, etc)
• subsequent civilizations (Greek, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Inca, etc), actually built by the Indonesian people, who fled from the disaster, and pass the knowledge to their new country; that there are many similarities in culture and architecture of each civilization (cultural diffusion theory).

In many ways, this book managed to confirm the truth of the scriptures and mythologies, combine the science and religion, and certainly will change the way of our view of the mankind history.


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