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Friday, January 16, 2009

Blink: Ability to Think Without Thinking


Title : Blink : Ability To Think Without Thinking
Author : Malcom Gladwell
Publisher : Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Blink is a book about the first two seconds that determine when we observe something. The two-second that will give you a very very fast comprehension, that forming by options that appear in a flash. In this book, Malcolm Gladwell introduced a snap judgment phenomena and thin-slicing, in other words "the ability to think without thinking" in which glance decision can be obtained from a small information but accurate.
In Blink, we will see examples of incredible intensity snap-judgment and thin slicing. Specialists of art goods who could identify the fake antiques objects by seing at a glance, or could determine in a short time a glass which contains a Pepsi, and which containes a Coca-Cola.
This book also provides how danger to make a quick conclusion: marketers can manipulate the first imprresion effect of teh customer, the police can shoot down someone who is not guilty, participants select a handsome presidential election, but not capable to work.
Blink reveal that those who are clever to take the right decisions are not process the most information or who deliberately spent most time, but the people who have trained themselves to perfect their art to create - thin slicing - then filter as few as much the most important factors from a pile up number of possibilities.


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