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Monday, January 19, 2009

Memoirs of a Geisha (Memoar Seorang Geisha)

memoirs of geisha

Title : Memoirs of A Geisha
Author : Arthur Golden
Publisher : Gramedia Pustaka utama

Memoirs of A Geisha invites us to enter the secret world of Geisha, the world in which appearance is important; the world which where the virginity of the girl was bid the highest bidder, where women are trained to entrap the most powerful men, and where love insult as a mere illusion. Sayuri story begins in the poor fishing village in 1929, when as a nine years daughter, with the extraordinary blue-gray eyes, she was sold to a Geisha's famous houses. Not resistance to life in the house, she tried to flee. This action threatened her to be a servant for a life. When fate mourn at the Shirakawa River, she met Ken Iwamura. Outside the habit, this honorable man approached and cheer up her. At that time Sayuri determined will be a Geisha, only for the opportunity to meet again with Ken Iwamura a day later.

Through Sayuri, we will see the grief of women who learn the art of the Geisha, dancing and singing, wearing kimono, thick makeup, hair and makeup complex; pour sake as possible sesensual way; compete with each other Geisha to 'grab' men and their wealth. However, when World War II burst, all the Geisha's houses had closed.  Sayuri, with little money, and more little food, must start again from the beginning and find  a rare freedom with her own ways.


Lyla on January 21, 2009 at 6:07 PM said...

saya pernah baca buku tentang Memoirs of a Geisha bukunya bagus kok...

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