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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Man Named Dave


Title: A Man Named Dave
Author : Dave Pelzer
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

The story of success and strength of forgiving.
"During that years you are trying to destroy me, but I still stand-in here. You will see with your own eyes on the future, that I will become a successful person." That  previous words is a determination statement which is spoken by Dave Pelzer who try to escape from his mother. Dave's father never prevent the actions of the mother strain Dave with very brutal, which took place in front of the eyes.
More than two million readers of Pelzer's books before, which is the best-seller all over the world, A Child Called "it" and Lost Boy, be aware that he was told to survive kisahnya the courage it out. But, even after the rescue, his life continues always follow by the memories that make him so "injured", the memories of himself as "It" is shivering and cage in the basement of his own mother's house.
In his own all-out effort to produce something in his life,
Dave set one's mind to grind and all his lack to muster the strength and out of misery.
With the greatness of heart is really impressive, Dave Pelzer invites readers to follow his  life journey until he was able to demonstrate how the missing child, who does not have a name, eventually finding himself in the heart and soul of an adult finally able to free themselves.


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