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Monday, January 26, 2009

Summer in Hell


Title : Summer in Hell
Author: Scott Smith
Publisher : Dastan Books

Some archeologists disappeared without a trace in the ruins site's ancient tribe of Maya in Mexico. Six tourists interested in joining to go to that site. They did not know that "something" is waiting for them there. Something that can bring them to the death ...
Four-person American tourist Eric, Jeff, Amy, and Stacy-vacation in Cancun, Mexico. There they are met with Mathias (Germany) and Pablo who came from Greece. Mathias invites them to adventure across the forest to the ruins of an ancient heritage sites Maya tribes to follow his brother who had joinded a group of archeologists to get there.
However upon arrived in that mysterious site, rather than find a group of archeologists, they were even receiving threats from Maya local tribes that they will kill them if they leave the site. And without they realize, 'something' that deadly is peering over them there.  "Something" that enjoying of they fear and desperation ... that would slowly end of their life, one by one ...


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