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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Starbucks Experience

The Starbucks Experience

Title: The Starbucks Experience
Author: Joseph A. Michelli
Publisher: Erlangga

This book contains about 5 Starbucks principles that make their coffee shop fenomenal in the retail business. 5 Principles are:
- Do With You Own Way. Now, the business leaders want their employees fully involved in the tasks they do, not only do well and properly. By applying this principle, Starbucks successfully created a unique model that encourages partners to pour creative energy and dedication in all they do they do.
- Overall Important. Some of the successes associated with Starbucks is the ability extraordinary of their partners  in regard smallest details that are important to consumers. Starbucks management understand that the benefits of competitive born when all parties in the company holds that there is no trivial matter and that the customers looking at everything.
- Surprise and Delight. Starbucks leaders make a strong commitment to creating a Surprise and Delight experience in all areas of business. And they are looking for ways to provide subjective happiness for the customers and staff which will result in greater effect on loyalty, community, and profit.
- Open for Criticism. Appreciate the criticism is one of the main part of Starbucks principle. Open to criticism which involve a complete set of skills and create business and partners to create business opportunities and good relations are in doubt now, interference, or suspicions.
- Leave Your Mark. Social involvement is an integral part in the mission leader Starbucks, because participation in the community is useful for the Starbucks Experience to the people of the world.
The five principles are presented in the lighweight style of language, simple, with real examples that have occurred in the world of Starbucks.
The Starbucks Experience is not a heavy book, which is filled with theories or management practices that are difficult to apply. This book is really full of inspiration, that will make the left readers with stories about the Starbucks Experiences (Starbucks experience), which is presented by Starbucks employees to customers and by the head of the Starbucks employees. This book offers a principle which is very easy to apply to your business, large and small, to implement it does not even need a big capital, which needed only a strong niatan to do it now!
This book deserves and needs to be read by the entrepreneurs, business leaders, business consultants, marketing experts, students study Entrepreneurship authorities, and of course the fans Starbucks.


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