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Monday, March 16, 2009

Daughter of God


Title: Daughter of God
Author: Lewis Perdua
Publisher: Dastan Books

Destruction of objects of art ancient monumental.
Kidnapping and murder by murder.
The mystery and conspiracy that has been thousands of years are revealed.
Foundation of faith of modern society threatened!
Zoe Ridgeway, a prominent art broker, went to Switzerland with her husband, Seth, to find a collector of art objects. The collector of the doom  want Zoe to take care of his art objects. However, before all the matters finished, the collector dies in mysterious way and the house which filled with valuable art objects burn out.
Not only that, Zoe was kidnapped and Seth must rapt facing those who threaten his soul. It seems there is something they should not know. Existence is something that has long been close and buried-in by certain parties.
Zoe and Seth terjerat snate by nets conspiracy that has been aged thousands of years, murder, intrigue and mystery that pivot on the truth of Woman Son of God, which if proven be will be destroy the foundation of humans.


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