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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Digital God


Title: The Digital God
Author: Greg ILes
Publisher: Bentang Pustaka

In a secret laboratory owned by the government, America's leading scientists to create the Trinity - a supercomputer that can exceed the power of the human mind. As an ethicist in the project, Dr. David Tennant to work in the science of pressure infinite and ruthless ambition. After his scientists colleague was killed, David revealing who the murderer. Desperate, he met Rachel Weiss, a psychiatrist who investigates the nightmares that disturb since joining the project, and they were forced to flee for their lives.
Hunted to various parts of the world, David and Rachel discover the facts behind the Trinity Project, and terrifying strength it had. But the final seconds of the Trinity has begun, and the human race is now held hostage by a life form that can not be destroyed. The only hope of survival is a surprising relationship between the Trinity and David's tortured mind. The future of humanity is at stake - and the mistake resulted in the extinction.


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