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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Magnetic Service: 7 Secrets Creating Customer Loyalty


Title: Magnetice Service: 7 Secrets Creating Customer Loyalty
Author: Chip R. Bell & Bilijack R. Bell
Publisher: Kaifa (Mizan Group)

There are people who do not want to drink coffee than Starbucks. Not going to smoke than Dji Sam Soe. Booked well in advance to stay at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Real long queue just to eat a piece of chicken at McDonald's restaurants. Even some fans of Harley-Davidson is proud to tattoo their bodies with the Harley-Davidson logo.
What makes them so loyal to a product? In the book this Magnetic Service, Chip and Bilijack Bell reveals 7 secrets of creating loyal customers. Through research on companies that have a lot of fans, they formulate that to attract and maintain customers, companies must perform a magnetic service.
If you run the magnetic service, the customer shall not only will forgive you if you make a mistake, but it will seriously help to improve the error. Customers will not only advise their friends to use your services, but also encourage their friends to do business with you. They will staunchly defend you when there are people who are critical of you.
Magnetic Service needs to be reviewed by any businessperson, not just because the service companies, as expressed by Hermawan Kartajaya, every business is business services. By running magnetic service, you will get a very loyal customer who is willing to sacrifice for the progress of your company.
"This book will open your perspective on how to provide excellent service that leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of consumers." (Hermawan Kartajaya)


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