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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Lost Symbol


Title: The Lost Symbol
Author: Dan Brown
Publisher: Bentang Pustaka

Robert Langdon, the symbologist genius who cracked the Da Vinci Code, again present in a dangerous adventure full of puzzles. Invitation to lecture at the Capitol Building, Washington, DC, turned into an invitation to death. Someone put a symbol of Mystery Hand made from a fragment of the hands Peter Solomon, Langdon's friend and mentor, as well as important figures Mason Brotherhood.

The Peter kidnapper asks Langdon to solve the codes Mason secret society protecting a location in Washington, DC. Location where the highest policy of humanity, which supposedly will make the holder can change the world.

Exploring the tunnels underground Capitol, Library of Congress, Mason temples, and the Washington Monument, Langdon must race against time while avoiding the CIA pursued it as a national threat. Before the middle of the night, Langdon have to managed to solve the riddle of the Masons. If not, Peter's life will float, and a secret that allegedly will shake the United States and even the world will spread.


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