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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Messiah Conspiracy

Messiah Conspiracy

Title: Messiah Conspiracy
Author: Raymond Khoury
Publisher: Dastan Books

Year 1291 BC, Jerusalem fell into the hands of the Muslim people. Some Templar knight get away from the city with the ship The Falcon Temple. And they bring a big secret that has been hidden for thousands of years. Since then, they disappeared without trace.
Manhattan in the present time, four people dressed as equestrian knight Templar entrance to attack the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They attack and kill anyone who is barred, and out of the museum with a rotor of a password monument of century 16.
FBI immediate investigation, led by an agent antiteroris, Sean Reilly. Their initial findings so surprising: One by one horse rider found dead in circumstances! Together with Tess Chaykin, archeologists who witness events at the museum, Sean found indications that the rotor is related to the stolen dissipation Temple The Falcon and the passengers and brought a secret. Rotor is even possible is the key of the secret has been hidden for two millennium. Secret of the possibility of: the Gospel of Christ ... Gospel written by the hand of Christ alone!
Gospel of Christ is a lot of things that are not consistent with the confidence of the present society. Of course this is very harmful to many parties. Investigation also turned into bloody battle. Sean and Tess trail that flow off the international conspiracy, across three continents-from Manhattan to the mountains in Turkey, and to isolated islands in Greece, to the Vatican to the heart! If indeed exist, the Gospel of Christ will bring the well-established religions. Disclosure of the Gospel of Christ will change the map of world power, reverse the fate so many people like to reverse the hands. Civilization of modern society ... shall be staked


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