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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Minds of Billy Milligan


Title : The Minds of Billy Milligan
Author: Daniel Keyes
Publisher: Qanita

24 Faces Billy is a book containing real story of William Stanley Milligan has a plural personality. This book opens with expressed cases of rape 3 women in the Ohio State University. Based on the testimony of the victims, the local police finally succeeded in capturing the perpetrators named Billy Milligan. In the process of preparing the trial, his lawyer  finally revealed that Billy has a complex personality and the personality of some of these acts of criminal conduct without known by other individuals. By this reason his lawyer attempt to free Billy from all the alleged subterfuge unsound due to personality complex.
In this book narrated how Billy growth in bad family environment and become brittle and in pieces due to witness the his father suicide and sexual experience of his step father. One at a time Billy's personality formed and appears appropriate circumstances experienced by Billy:
- Billy : the core personal fragile,
- Arthur : the leaders, the British men always rational,
- Ragen : will appear if Billy in a state of danger,
- Allen : manipulatif and the eloquent,
- Tommy : expert escape from any bonds,
- David : a boy aged 8 th underwriter pain,
- April : a woman with ambition to kill the Billy's stepfather. 
- Adalana : lesbian women are shy and thirst of love,
- Philip : the brutal criminals,
Total personality of the mind as much as 24 Billy personality! Personality is alternately enter the life of Billy, originally arranged by the time all of Arthur, who determines who will only appear, but sometimes going topsy-turvy period in which individuals appear outside the control of Arthur and disrupt the life of Billy.
When Billy treatment in the Athens Mental Health Center slowly personality Billy terfusi merge into one full time named the Teacher, which has nearly all the memories about the whole Billy.
The overall story is very interesting to enjoy, in terms of the flow of the story that started from revealed cases of rape stories back to the beginning of the life-time Billy and his family background. Keyes writes with a careful and diligent to spend two years with Billy Miligan, and have interviewed the family, and some doctors and medical staff who treated Billy.
There are many interesting events that Billy experienced in this book, so reading this book not to be boring, many a time that appears Billy fill this entire book to make a surprise readers. This book is worth reading because of the empathy we feel for the personality of the compound, we will also be given a new insight on the case of complex personality, even this book may ultimately be explained far more of what is included in our private, about ourself .


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