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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Map of Bones


Title: Map of Bones
Author: James Rollins
Publisher: Rajut Publishing

A bloody crime, with consequences that are not come to opinion's mind and can not avoided, have occurred. A mass in the cathedral in Cologne, Germany, gang criminals in the dressing robe monk to spread terror and bloodshed. They finish up the church and the clergyman. Not a gold and precious works of art that they hurry in the cathedral, but a priceless treasure stored in there: The three bones Magi, who had delivered the baby to the reverence for the Savior. By leaving the turmoil that they scatter, the criminals get the things that can change the shape of the world.
Panic over the Vatican. Lieutenant Rachel Verona of Rome carabinieri unit appointed to lead the investigation. However, police agencies will not be able to always handle the theft and slaughter is so brutal SIGMA Force, an elite unit in the U.S. department of Defense, with the commandant, Grayson Pierce, requested help.
As a commander SIGMA, Pierce led a team of expert scientists and special forces personnel to analyze the mysteries of stealing bones. They are the vagaries and the labyrinth of knowledge under the veil of darkness to arrive at the location of the World Seven miracle. They dealt with the Dragon Court, a faith-based organizations egregious mystics. How the story next?


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